altezza: 180 cm
larghezza: 60 cm
profondità: 15 cm
rovere naturale
metallo verniciato bianco
strisce di tessuto
JACOB is a hybrid furniture, a cross between a screen and a cabinet .
Is inspired by the Jacob's ladder, a simple game made of wooden boards and stripes joined together like a chain, and that moving and rotating creates di erent form and combinations .
Three frames in natural oak lodge inside them : a double sided mirror , a towel rack and a set of shelves in sheet metal white painted . The three frames are joined together by straps of fabric , blocked at the end by the hooks. In this way, the straps become the hinges of the screen . JACOB is a versatile furnishing not only by type but also to form, since it can take four di erent positions : closed , where it occupies only 15 centimetres deep , to classic screen and triangular or Y position.
JACOB is a furniture that complete the bathroom for its collection of features packed into a single piece , for its simplicity of materials and shapes , and the easy of being inserted into any type of bath and beyond.

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